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A lot of personal loan lenders say that they are the best in town. We say we are one of the best personal loans providers because of our loan processing speed, reliability and our customer service. CASH 1 personal loans offer some of the best options for short-term loans. There are no hidden fees, we have lower interest rates in comparison and our terms and conditions are very clear.

Why We Are the Best Personal Loans Providers

  • Apply Online
  • Get Approved
  • Get Your Cash

  • Customer Service
    We have the best customer service team to help you with your application process any time. You can call us at 877-631-6403 to speak with one of our customer care officers whenever you have a question.
  • Direct Lender
    As a direct lender of personal loans, we take care of each and every step of the loan process including loan approval, funding and repayment. Many other companies in town are not a personal loans direct lender so they process your application and forward your personal information to a third party. This adds confusion about what company is loaning to you. We have detailed information of our services on our website and you can call with any loan questions.
  • Secure Website
    We always keep your security in mind. We offer the best personal loans sites; that green lock symbol up in the address bar means we are using secure SSL. Your personal information and data you are entering is safe.
  • Easy to Use Website
    Our website has a better user experience on all the platforms whether it’s a Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.
  • 20 years in Business
    We have almost 20 years of experience in dealing with hassle-free personal loans and have helped thousands of satisfied customers. Check out a few of our reviews above.

How Much Can You Get?

Depending on your income and your ability to pay back your loan, you could get up to $1,500 in less than 15 minutes. We have a few personal loans requirements, such as proof of income, you need to have a checking account older than a few months and that you are a Nevada resident.

Requirements for Best Personal Loans

To get the best personal loans in Las Vegas or Reno, you must meet these minimum requirements: Must be a Nevada resident, at least 18 years of age, have an Open Checking Account, Provide Proof of Income, Present a Government-issued ID, and not be on Active Military Duty.

Ask Your Lender these Questions to Get the Best Personal Loans

If you're looking for the best personal lenders, here are some questions to ask so you can get the best personal loans. It’s also very important to read the fine print of any contract before you decide on a lender.

  1. What is The Interest Rate?
    The best personal loans lenders do not hide this information from you. Here at CASH 1 Personal Loans we mention the interest rate in the footer section on every page.
  2. Are There Early Payoff Penalties?
    While signing the document for your personal loans you need to ask if there are any early payoff penalties. Some lenders charge penalties for paying off your loans early. We don’t charge any fees for early payoff.
  3. What is the Privacy Policy?
    Some lenders do not disclose their privacy policy. Here at CASH 1 you can check our privacy policy. Protecting the privacy of our customer is priority #1.
  4. Are There Loan Processing Charges?
    There are lenders out there who charge processing fees for applying. Don’t use a lender that charges you to fill out a loan. The best lenders allow you to apply for free without any commitment to get a loan.
  5. What are the Late Fees?
    Almost all lenders charge a fee if you can’t make a payment on time. Be sure to see what those fees are and find the lender that charges the lowest.
  6. Are there any Rollover Fees?
    In some states, payday lenders charge a fee to rollover your loan if you can’t afford to pay it off on your next payday. CASH 1 offers nontraditional personal loans with installment payment plans up to 90 days. You pay off your loan in smaller increments, so you won’t have to worry about rollover fees. At the end of your term, your loan is paid off.

Why people Use Personal Loans

A majority of people are getting advance personal loans to pay for unexpected expenses which occur between their pay dates. Living from paycheck to paycheck can sometimes be difficult, more so when financial emergencies crop up before you get paid. Unfortunately, financial emergencies and unplanned expenses crop up often. When they do, you have to sort them out, even when your bank account may not have sufficient funds to cover the emergencies.Luckily, there is a way you can shore up your short term financial needs without jumping through hoops. Personal loans are your best friend when you are in dire need of quick cash. Unlike loans you take from banks and other financial institutions, you can get a personal loan even if you have a bad credit score. Here are a few extra reasons you may want to apply for a payday loan during tough financial times.

Anyone with Income Can Apply for Personal Loans

Provided you are 18 years old, you have income, and you hold a checking account you’re eligible for a payday loan. Like mentioned earlier, personal loans aren’t affected by your credit history. In fact, most personal loans are approved in less than an hour after the initial application.

You Can Apply for a Personal Loan Online

Applying for a personal loan is convenient. All you have to do is search for a personal loan establishment online and submit the necessary documents to kick-start the loan application process. The lender reviews the document, and you get a notification in your email or even through a text on your phone. Those are some of the advantages of taking out a personal loan, but you shouldn’t take out a personal loan for just anything. For instance, if you need a couple of dollars to buy new clothes before your next personal, you don’t have to take out a loan. You can wait until you get you check and use that money to buy new apparel.

Detailing all the circumstances where you should and shouldn’t take a personal loan is nearly impossible. To give you a hint of some of the situations that demand you get a payday loan, let’s look at some immediate financial needs that call for a personal loan.

Car Repair/Insurance

If you depend on your car to earn a living, any problems it develops endangers your means of making. Therefore, you can use a personal loan to service your vehicle and pay off the loan when you get the next check.

Utility Bills

If your utility bills are due and you’re short on cash, a personal loan will prevent a shut off of the lights or gas. Most utility companies are not flexible and terminate services at the slightest payment delay.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies cannot wait until you are financially stable to foot the bill. You need immediate access to cash to sort them out. Take out a personal loan to help you or a loved one get well. Remember to always pay your loans on time for continued access to this vital service.


Typically when you’re behind on rent, and most of the times it’s not your fault, you may want to apply for a personal loan. Granted you’ll pay back the loan with some interest, but at least you won’t be hiding from your landlord. If you find yourself behind on rent on several occasions, you may want to look for a cheaper place to live. Your income should be vastly greater than your total expenses. If your rent and other utility bills account for a large percentage of your income, cutting down on the expenses will help you cope with your current financial situation.

Servicing an Overdrawn Checking Account

Personal loans come in handy when your checking account is overdrawn. There’s a bank fee for every overdraft you make on your checking account, and if you haven’t cleared your overdraft after a while, the bank deducts a certain amount of money from your account until you settle the overdraft.

Additionally, most banks don’t allow you to overdraw your account by more than $500. When you get to your overdraft limit, checks start bouncing. There are circumstances where after depositing a bad check, you can access that money before the bank finds out the check was bad. In such circumstances, your checking account can be overdrawn beyond the bank’s limit. When that happens, the bank tries to collect the debt from you directly. Bad checks come in various forms. Maybe you’re a contractor, and someone gave you a bad check without your knowledge for instance. Being a trusting person, you cash the check and take out some money to clear some bills only to find out later the check was bad and your account is well beyond the overdraft limit.

When that happens to you, a personal loan may well be in order since for many people it’s the only viable option. You cannot take out a bank loan to cover the overdraft, and you may not have the luxury of borrowing from friends and family.

Travel Expenses

Another reason you may want to take out a personal loan is when you are required to travel at short notice. Not everyone has an emergency travel kit so that unplanned trip may result in a spontaneous expenditure.

While taking out a personal loan for a quick trip, though, make sure you plan the trip on a budget. You should look for the most affordable travel option, which is convenient for the situation. For instance, if you have to travel across the country to see a sick relative, you may want to book a flight due to the immediacy of the situation. However, if the situation is not of a sensitive nature, a Greyhound bus will do just fine. Minimizing your travel expenses means you only take out a small personal loan which consequently attracts a small interest charge compared to bigger loans. You want to borrow responsibly and pay of your loan soon after your emergency.

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