Get Pre-Approved for Bad Credit Personal Loans

If you've been denied a loan in Nevada because of your credit score or you have no credit at all, instant approval personal loans are a convenient way to get the cash you need. These types of loans are unsecured which means you don't need collateral to qualify. CASH 1 Personal Loans uses your income as your credit.

Back in the day, payday loan lenders would require you to pay your loan in full on your next payday. Well, that's not what we do at CASH 1. You can get a loan up to $1,500 and you have up to 90 days to repay in smaller increments! Your payments could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on when you receive your income.

Choose Bad Credit Personal Loans Direct Lenders

We're a direct lender of personal loans. That means there is middleman or confusion about where you have your loan. There are many online third party lenders who send your personal financial information to hundreds of lenders. Do you really want your private information out there to that many people?

CASH 1 personally takes you through every step of the loan process including the application, approval and repayment. If you have a problem with your loan, you'll know where and how to reach us.


How to Apply for Bad Credit Personal Loans?

The quickest way is to begin our online application. Once it is complete a CASH 1 loan officer will contact you to get your loan approved. They'll confirm the amount of your loan and your payment schedule. Your money could be in your hands in as little as 15 minutes when you head over to one of our Cash 1 Personal Loans stores locations.

How payday loans work

Ways to Apply

We make you application process simple and stress-free. You can get pre-approved for your bad credit personal loan in three different ways:

  • Online
  • By Phone at 877-631-6403
  • In person at one of our stores

How Much Can I Borrow?

Based on several qualifying factors such as your employment, checking account and other information in your application; you are eligible to borrow up to $1,500 in as little as 15 minutes.

Bad Credit Personal Loan Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Valid Email Address
  • Open Checking Account
  • Proof of Income
  • Government-issued ID
  • Not on Active Duty in the Military

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